Friday, July 31, 2009

Time for a new blog...

All winter I wrote a blog. It was primarily spiritual musings and pondering the strange happenings under the midnight sun or rather the cold, blue-black winter sky. At some point I decided to delete that blog and all writings on it. A sorry waste now but meaningful at the time. On to new musings and pondering the happenings...for your reading pleasure and my great sense of satisfaction in sharing my 'writing self' with you.

This summer I lived in Maui. The sunsets were as fantastic as the company I kept. It was a season of love, fun, and adventure, while caressed in tradewinds and scents of the island. Magical is not a strong enough word to describe the experience which has imprinted itself upon my spirit. I love Maui and all my new friends there -in a very real and deep way; a thankful and soulful way.

And yet, as the plane landed on Alaskan soil I felt the sigh and relief of being HOME. Alaska does not have the tradewinds nor the sugar cane fields. But it has the northern lights, bears, spruce hens, and beaver in the river. Alaska has sunsets beyond compare and sunrises that would make you cry. Alaska is rugged, wild and fierce. It's quiet and calm and peaceful. I enjoy my adventures here as well, mostly ones which challenge my survival and test my courage. I am alive here in Alaska and Alaska is alive in me. It's like no where else I've traveled or lived.

The long days of Summer are still very present, however the essence of autumn is seeping in and around these July days. I long for autumn. The crisp air, the darkness returning, plants going to seed, and trees dropping their leaves. It is the best time of the year in Alaska, but not nearly long enough.

I am happy to share my life and thoughts in this- my new blog. I hope you will find joy, goodness, a few laughs and a sense of peace that sweeps over your spirit as you read each entry. Join me in my experience of living with simplicity and purpose in this wild place called ALASKA!