Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Perfect Moment In Time

The other day during a cool, crisp morning, I walked along the bike path that follows the Chena River. It was here that I sat on a rock and allowed the stillness and peace of this place to wash over me.

Often in our lives we miss the moments. We miss the stillness or the peace a place offers to us because we are caught up in our 'monkey mind.' Or we are caught up in wishing there were someone there to share it with and miss out on the gifts of the moment.

So on this morning, I snapped a photo with my cell phone and sent it off to one of my best friends who loves awe-inspiring moments like this.

It used be that these moments meant more to me when I experienced them alone. But over time I've come to realize that these moments are more precious when you have someone by your side. Someone who says later, 'remember that morning when I was stuck inside at work and you sent me a photo of the Chena River.' It was a perfect moment in time.

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